For Gym Owners

1. How does Fittotech work?

With Fittotech it’s easy to keep track of your gym members and can offer all the facilities just by a click.

2. What attracts my gym members the most?

Well, having a well-digitalized gym attracts the customers a lot. Fittotech also provides a mobile application where all the regular updates are given.

3. Which services can they expect?

A highly featured application which includes daily Gym cards, personal training, QR scanner for attendance, regular health tips, water intake module, Step counter, health records, easy end-to-end communication.

4. Does Fittotech offer any benefits?

Yes, it does! As you are using Fittotech a gym management solution you have tons of selling points acquiring new customers and also win old customers back from fitness as you offer maximum flexibility.

5. What are the benefits of using Fittotech?

Fittotech contains numerous numbers of benefits. Listing it down, digitalization, devaluate manpower, skimping, effortlessly manageable, easy end-to-end communication, offer regular, easy targeting clients, e-commerce services having fitness products, detailed records of every gym members.

6. Who do I speak to and who is my point of contact?

If not then directly contact us at sales@fittotech.com

7. Which country do you support?

We only support India.

8. How secure is the data?

Well, it is highly secure. It is all secured with us at our disclosed location.

9. Are there any limitations to using Fittotech?

Yes! Fittotech can only be used within India.

10. What will be the charges of using Fittotech?

Initially, the web portal and mobile application are free of cost for the first three months.

For Users

1. What does Fittotech offer?

Fittotech is providing a mobile application. An application where one can get their own gym cards, health records, attendance records, regular updates, health tips, E-commerce services to buy fitness products, easy end-to-end communication with the gym.

2. As a guest user in Fittotech what are the benefits I’ll get?

As a guest user, Fittotech provides a special feature that is trail fitness cards which one can perform at home or another place without the gym equipment’s and can be fit.

3. Do I need to verify my email or phone number?

Yes, you do need to verify your email address. No need to verify your phone number.

4. Is it necessary to insert an emergency number?

Well, providing an alternated number is important and compulsory as in any emergency case it’s easy to contact your family.

5. Are there any limitations to using Fittotech?

Yes! Fittotech can only be used within India.

6. Why should I register right now?

Without connecting to the gym, you will be a guest user and will receive free trial cards for 12 weeks.

7. Can I get the benefits of Fittotech without connecting the Gym?

Without connecting to the gym, you will get the many of features like Step Counter, Water Intake and will receive free trial cards for 12 weeks.

8. Should I doubt your security for data?

No need to worry. Your data is highly secured with us as well as the gym and regular backups are taken.

9. Do Fittotech guarantee the result?

The gym cards and the workout plans are being prepared under the guidance of Physical therapist and Fitness trainers. The result may vary from individual to individual. Fittotech doesn’t guarantee any result.

10. What if I am logged in at one branch and want to join at another branch?

Well if you do so you need to continue the whole process again.