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Owning a gym is no different. To keep them happy is a greater challenge. Here come the most important features of digital devices. Now, using the Gym CRM software one can totally cut off from heavy paperwork and can be done on laptops by just a click. Everything is on the tips of your figure.
In this fast running life, time is very precious. Using Gym CRM Software one can save a lot of time as there are no needs of asking anyone for the records, of the pen down every single thing.
Peer-to-peer Communication
A quick and easy communication path is created between you and your members with the bridge of Gym Instructor App. No miss-communication or no middle way.
Performance Tracking
One can get all the workout history as well as attendance history through Gym instructor application such as how much weight gained or lost, step count, water intake etc.
Effortlessly Manageable
Everything is easily manageable by just a click as all the records are kept digitally and everything is managed using a web portal, CRM Software, and fitness mobile application.


Here representing the core features of Fittotech, A highly digitalized software making human life more easier

Easy Use
Gym management software one can totally cut off from heavy paper work and can be done on laptops by just a click.
Centralize all your data with clients and gym administration. Store client’s preference, enrolment, contact information, workout history.
Business Growth
This software can enhance the customer’s experience and help one become even more successful by targeting the preferable audience.
By just a click away one can easily have all the information and keep tracks of all the past as well as present activities.

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